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Return and Refund Policy

1. Returns and refunds: 

(a)   If at any time the buyer feels that the products received by the buyer do not match with the products ordered by him thorough the website, the Company offers a seven (7) day return policy. After the expiry of the seven (7) day period, all purchases are final and no product returns will be accepted by the Company.

(b)   Any buyer willing to return his order shall send an email at customercare@jusgetit.com with the details of the product ordered along with a clear photograph of the product (Clearly showing the defect or damage) and reasons for return. Any returns and refund will be made by the Company only on account of damage or defect in the product ordered or delivery of a wrong product.

(c)    The Company will review and intimate its decision in consultation with the seller to the buyer through an email within two (2) days of receipt of e-mail from the buyer requesting a replacement.

(d)   To be eligible for any refund the buyer shall at his cost return the product to the seller at the address provided on the shipping bill/ invoice in its original packaging and will ensure its safe delivery to the Company.

(e)   In case, the Company decides to make a refund to the buyer, it shall deduct from the transaction price of the product the shipping cost and tax charged.

(f) The money would be refunded to the buyer within seven (7) days of acceptance of refund by the company through bank transfer NEFT or a company cheque for domestic transactions.

(g) In case of return the buyer may opt for getting another piece of product delivered or getting the money paid in the form of gift vouchers of Jusgetit.com.

(h) Any decision take by the Company in this regard will be final and binding on the buyer and the seller.

(i)   With regard to the international shipments refunds shall only be made in Indian Rupees and shall be equivalent to the Transaction Price received by the Company against such order. All risks associated with the foreign exchange including any loss, charges or fees, if any will be borne by the buyer.

(j)   The Company will not accept any returns on the orders for products which have been personalized or customized especially as per the requirements/ specifications of the buyer.